Ambrosia Studios is a Texas based collaboration between husband and wife team, Chad Beaty and Elisa Holguin.  

Chad (cinematographer, editor and photographer) brings a sense of the West Coast to the team. He has a very eclectic past ranging from car sales to motorcycle building.  He knew he had a love for the visual arts at a very young age which would eventually draw him to Brooks Institute of Photography where he would graduate with a BA in Film Production.  Through his studies he would learn the craft of cinematography, editing and photography.  

When not working within the realms of Ambrosia Studios he works as a cinematographer, editor and photographer at CultureSpan Marketing.  This has allowed him to further his craft with companies ranging from health care, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

On his spare time he continues to hone his skills with his love of retro gaming and is furthering his collection of Lego Mini-figures.

Elisa (producer, photographer) is a Texas native and is proud to call the Lone Star State her home.  She received her first camera from her uncle when she was 12 and it was all she needed to start that spark.

That early passion for photography and story telling would lead her to the University of Texas, El Paso, where she studied Communications and Electronic Media and would earn her BA.  

After college, Elisa would work at a CBS affiliate as a Producer and Camera Operator.  It would't be too much longer until the formidable team of Chad and Elisa would converge and Ambrosia Studios would be born.

Elisa has worked with companies from small to large and brings a sense of honesty to her photographs.

On the very rare occurrence that Elisa has free time she memorizes the special moves from Mortal Kombat II in the hopes of one day vanquishing Chad. 

Companies We have worked with